Once your webpage is set up you can begin fundraising through your social media channels and we encourage you to share your page early and often! Please also follow, like and share the CAC of Warren County's social posts.

5 tips for a successful fundraising campaign

  1. Post often and get creative with your posts. Don’t worry about annoying people, the more the post, the more you will raise!
  2. To save time, use the scheduling feature on Facebook to schedule your posts ahead of time.
  3. Make it personal. If you can share why this is close to your heart, it will touch others and influence them to give generously.
  4. Tag people when you post. Post a challenge to your friends asking them to donate and tag another friend – it will snowball!
  5. Don’t forget to say “THANK YOU!”  A personal thank you is best, but use your Participant Center to customize and send thank you letters.

pro tip

Photos, videos and other images really help grab people’s attention and drive home your message!

***Please be certain to obtain parent/guardian permission before posting a photo of any child!***

About the Child Advocacy Center of Warren County

The Child Advocacy Center of Warren County (CACWC) was established in 2008 to ensure that abused children did not fall through the cracks of the service delivery system. The CACWC offers support and hope to children and families in the community and serves hundreds of victims of child abuse each year.

Learn more: www.cacwarrencounty.org